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Why AIR-CARE Electrostatic Filters?
  • Click to Access Filter Data SheetAir-Care Electrostatic Filters hold 165gm and average 94% arrestance and have a MERV 8 rating. Most disposable filters are only 20-25% effective and load only 60gm and have a MERV 2-6 rating. 
  • Air-Care Electrostatic Filters are designed to get dirty. Documented tests show that as a filter gets dirty, filtration actually improves. Due to the high loading capacity of Air-Care Electrostatic Filters, the MERV rating increases over the cleaning cycle.   
  • The multi-stage design of Air-Care Electrostatic Filters is enhanced by static electricity generated by the friction of moving air over the state of the art filter media. Air-Care Electrostatic Filters are ASHRAE tested and documented to be effective in removing 94% of airborne particles.
  • Air-Care Electrostatic Filters require no added chemicals to improve performance. 
  • ASHRAE tests prove Air-Care Electrostatic Filters are outstanding mid-range filters that trap dust particles down to 0.03 microns in size. Air-Care Electrostatic Filters are backed by a Lifetime Warranty, this is the last filter you will ever buy!
  • Air-Care Electrostatic Filters can combine sizes and custom fit all units. They replace metal frames, disposable filters, improve unit performance, extend unit life and save on utilities.
  • Air-Care Electrostatic Filters have far less resistance to air flow.Operating the same unit with Air-Care Electrostatic Filters will result in less pressure drop that equates to energy savings; our filters will cut your energy use significantly.
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